‘Walking in my Skin’ Transcript

1 hour walk in Wharncliffe Woods

‘walking in my skin’ 

be in your body

walk using your body

walking in your body



tall with the trees

feeling old like some of the trees

gnarled like the tree

marked skin

imagine I’m a tree

walking through time

pinprick in time




dull ache

lengthen my spine

lengthen my neck

chest forward

shoulders back

legs moving freely beneath

one arm swinging freely….one attached to dog

dull ache in left foot

layering of trees


planes of leaves

trying not to think!

letting thoughts go


cool and fresh


wet air …but not raining

stooping under branches

wet leaves on my face

talking the water with me…to another place


stopping with nosey dog

i think it only 14 degrees or so but fresh

some of the wind is quite silky as it brushes your face…warm and soft…other os a bit harsh…silky blasts…sharp blasts. the silkiness suggest fluidity like sort of velvet …velvet or silk …a bit like in the old ‘silk cut’ adverts

downhill   letting gravity take me…easy…a little bit clunky..strange what i notice… abut of old pipe sticking out the ground……sign saying ‘no horse’ the manmade things , mainly because, possibly because its the minimum between all the leaves and trees and grass and nettles and brambles and dead leaves and earth

‘’Good morning’!

3 humans pounding uphill

1 human and 2 dogs sauntering downhill

1 man tiptoeing uphill

linear …circular…uphill….glowing…warming…wetting

mind beginning to get saturated with thoughts…which i was trying to avaoid….but its mainly about walking. we’ve been walking forever….since man went on 2 feet i suppose

with purpose….without purpose

take a picture, take it home, interpret it in your way

make a drawing, take it home, interpret it in your way

just took a photo of a root i’ve walked over 100s and 100s of times before… a dead root…and its actually its a little reminiscent of something i made last time….is that why I noticed it?

mapping making

crossing ideas

subconscious conscious

picking things out without too much thought

a bit hungry now… feel my tummy

my mind wondered off the last few minutes….I got thinking about all sorts of things….but I think i managed it for about 95% of the walk, which I think is quite good, to have just kept within the moment in the zone….I started thinking about my favourite instagram person (camerag47) that i follow and actually their lifestyle and work and everything all seems to go together perfectly…i don’t know his life with dogs, life in his workshop, breakfast, dinner. I don’t know…its something about the calmness of it all. 

but my mind did wander off for about 5 minutes or so, but its at the end. anyway I’m back at the car.

……a little hint of what came from the walk