‘Be True’ is part of a series of sculptural work I created called ‘Objects of Contemplation’.
This series was inspired by amazing women I know, and reflects some of the inspiring individuality and strengths of these women and women as a whole! The pieces in this series are all representative of large expressive necklaces, that are all to be hung on the wall.

‘Be True’ visually represents an embroidery hoop. It hangs on the wall, like a recently removed neckpiece. Look at the detail to see the ‘stretched fabric mesh’ background, with ‘cross stitch’ detail and a needle representing work in progress.

‘Be True’ : be true to yourself. Follow your own path, appreciate your own strengths.
It represents creativity, craft skills, family, tradition, homeliness, sewing, embroidery, contemplation, interaction.

etched stainless steel 300mm x 500 x 20mm (there is a wall fastener at the back of this piece.

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